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The goal of our work at Primal Structure is to help you shed the adaptations your body has made in order to distort itself into the fragmented shapes required of us by modern life, and replace them with a robust structure that will enable you to live an active outdoor life. The modern domesticated human body has literally adapted itself to sitting, holding phones, and being indoors. We have done our best to rid ourselves of the biological need to move in order to survive, yet the physiological requirement for movement in order to be healthy is still there. At Primal Structure, our Embodiment Facilitators hold the space that enables you to restore your body to a primordial level of wellness. We bring you on a multifaceted embodiment quest that involves natural movement, bodywork, and lifestyle changes. ReWild your body, restore your structure, learn to move better, and bring everything to the next level.


The Modern Domesticated Human


The modern domesticated human has adapted some physical traits that make us especially suited to sitting and sedentarism. Primal Structure is about so much more than rehabbing your ACL, liberating your sciatic nerve, or rejuvenating your fascia. It’s about a lot more than alignment, subtle movement, and spatial awareness. The goal of an Embodiment Facilitator is to help you re-adapt to a movement-centered lifestyle. One can easily determine that a sloth’s optimum level of physical movement is a lot lower than that of a hummingbird; each animal species has a level of physical activity that they are physiologically well adapted to. The dark side of modern life is that it begs more sedentarism of us than we are physically able to well-adapt to. All of our ancestors lived lives in a state of constant random motion, infinitely varied in its mechanical loads and alignment. Our bodies suffer deeply from this lack of movement.

Most people can clearly identifying that long plane flights or road trips are physically painful to the body. This is your proof that sedentarism lends itself to soreness. It's because when we sit, and when we do not move very much over decades of our lives in general, our fascia reshapes in uncomfortable places. Gravity and the mechanical loads borne out of material contact are two forces constantly causing fascia to reshape ourselves. We are adaptable claymation figures that are subtly reforming ourselves in every moment of our lives. Modern domesticated humans are sculpted by the necessity of looking at phones, the imperative that we sit, and the privilege of not having to do physical movements in order to survive. These are maladaptations, so to speak. We must refill our adaptive capacity with abilities like foraging, tree climbing, walking long distances, getting up and down from the ground, balancing, and other natural movements. That is the path toward health, wellness, and longevity. It is a quest, not a destination.


Primal Structure represents a council of experienced,
wise, skilled and empathic bodyworkers, healers & adventurers.



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