The adventure continues…


Being in a body sure is an adventure, hey? Sensation is a gift to the spirit that is corporeally bound. We rejoice in nourishing food, and loving arms; yet when sensation becomes intense, threatening, or uncomfortable, we act as though being in a body is no fun at all. Few among us gaze upon the daily puzzle of bodily maintenance through an unclouded lens: we sense that pinched nerves, achy joints, and sore muscles are punishments for the material body, maliciously forged by the forces of gravity, time, and physics.

We fail to maintain a constant awareness that the experience of being in a body is a rare miracle, that the sensations we are privy to are interesting puzzles. An embodiment quest is a deep journey into the possible sensations a body can have as we live life grappling as we do with material structures, inertia, work, and gravity. A quest fosters embodied presence, movement wisdom, structural rigging expertise, and above all, gratitude for all the sensations we are able to experience throughout our lifetime in bodies.

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Visit one of our Primal Structure studios to start your journey with one of our skilled Embodiment Facilitators  located around the country. Each one of our practitioners is an empathetic listener, a Certified Rolfer, body-nerd, intuitive bodyworker and mover, and an expert in biomechanics. We are here to teach healing, wisdom, and movement.

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Our body is really just an Earth Ship. It is a spaceship container for your spirit. But imagine a real spaceship: the entire entity would be mapped, all the circuits held in a constant awareness by the ship’s main AI. In our own Earth Ships, our mapping is groggy. It’s like there are all these corridors where the wi-fi is turned off. As I take my clients on journeys deep into their body, their own internal map of their earth ship starts to become clarified. This yields a sturdier body with a much higher aptitude for engaging with the physical laws we are exposed to on planet earth.  —River Echeverria, Embodiment Facilitator

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“Part of our role as somatic educators involves guiding our clients to stay connected to the felt sense of their physical bodies within the larger context of gravity and the ground.” — Sally Klemm, Advanced Rolfing Intructor


Primal Structure therapy as more of a coaching service than anything else. It is a service for those ready to bring their lifestyle choices under meticulous scrutiny to find out which habits are serving you, and which lifestyle choices are ripe for an upgrade. This is a process that takes months and months, spans lots of conversations and involved educational lessons spanning topics related to your diet, movement activities, anatomy, spirituality, emotions, and even sexuality. Everything you learn will be deeply rooted in embodied experience, either through challenging movement work, or through hands-on physical connective tissue manipulation.