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Embodiment Facilitators


Primal Structure represents a council of experienced, wise, skilled and empathic bodyworkers, healers, and adventurers.


Each session is $150, and runs between 60-90 minutes, session length varying with the needs and lessons covered.

Rolfing Physical Therapy Structural integration massage reiki accupuncture chiropractor sports rehabilitation dry needling cupping shiatsu acro yoga

We are located across North America. Here are a few of our offices:

Atlanta, ga

1786 Century Blvd NE, Suite C,
Atlanta, GA, 30345
(916) 896–8984


194 Richland St
Asheville, NC, 28806
(916) 896–8984

West coast

822 G Street
Suite 12
Arcata, CA 95521
(707) 267–0304

River Echeverria Certified Rolfer Embodiment Faciliator physical therapy sciatica neck pain back pain hip atlanta asheville arcata massage accupuncture reiki

Meet River Echeverria

Embodiment Facilitator, Certified Rolfer, YogaSlackers Festival Teacher, 300 hr Certified Yoga Teacher, and Tree Weaves Dream Weaver

I was raised attending nature schools in the rocky deserts of Arizona New Mexico and California. I spent my formative adult years in Boulder Colorado stoking my passions in slacklining and bodywork. Although I studied as a Rolfer and that definitely influences my work and how I interpret the experience of being in a body in general I've explored many modalities and philosophies of movement and posture and I consider myself a well-rounded creative and diverse practitioner. I'm really proud to have done such an awesome job cultivating a lifestyle I love and believe in that not only fulfills me but is also working to make the planet and the community healthier and more robust. I'm so grateful to all my clients and students who come to me to receive my work and wisdom.

Working with populations in Atlanta, Asheville, and the greater southeastern USA


Emily May Rolfer Thai Massage Yoga Teacher physical therapy accupuncture reiki specialist healing sciatica, neck pain, back, shoulder, rotator cuff

Meet Emily May

Embodiment Facilitator, Certified Rolfer, Thai Massage Expert, 200 hr Certified Yoga Teacher Mindfulness Facilitator from UCLA’s MARC program

Raised in the suburbs I have worked hard to unlearn many of the modes of being that were passed on to me. We are alive now and it is our choice how we want to move through our environments.

After college, I taught high school in Jacksonville, Florida. Being a part of a failing system pushed me to my limits. I realized that the way I was handling stress was not productive but rather harmful to my body. My intention was to do good, but instead I was poisoning myself.

Through yoga, I discovered the profound affects of accessing the mind and a highly activated nervous system through the body. I left the school system and went to a monastery in the foothills of the Himalayas. This put me on the path of my true calling in life. I look forward to sharing what I have learned with you.

Working with populations in Northern California and Southern Oregon






Ready for a primal adventure?

The best way to awaken your instincts, tap into your DNA blueprint, fortify your fascia, and move naturally is to embark on an epic adventure. Discover what Middle Earth is all about. Seek council from the wood elves. 

Our goal as Adventure Facilitators is to help you break past the monotony of indoor living into the rainbow-flecked, outdoor reality of North America. Here’s how we do it: 

  • Tell us when your schedule will allow you to take a trip
  • We will have a conversation about who would be the best-fitted Adventure Facilator for your group, based on who is available during that time frame
  • You will take time to sense where is calling you; we will offer you our knowledge of parks and wilderness areas in North America that should be beautiful at that time of year. We will have a conversation, and ultimately you will decide where we go. 
  • We will organize, plan, and orchestrate the trip. We will supply an Adventure Facilitator, and all of the gear, food, and supplies you and your group will need. We are the people who can make a rugged outdoor adventure accessible to someone from a city with no nature skills. The prepwork, on your behalf, will be fairly minimal: you will be asked to start walking for at least an hour every day prior to our journey, and you will be responsible for your own wardrobe. 

If you want more information about this person-centered, life-changing primative experience, give us a call.

(916) 896–8984